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Most Important

One of the Most Useful Home Additions On the Market!

Gutter guards are more than just a convenience; we may be biased, but we’d argue that they’re absolutely essential! Aside from being dirty, gutter cleaning can be dangerous work as well, especially if your home is multi-leveled. Even single-level homes are high enough in the air that a bad fall can cause some serious damage. With Valor Gutter Guards professionally installed by Gutter Filters of Utah, make this dangerous chore a thing of the past!

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Why Trust Us

Why Trust Valor GutterGuards?

  • Patented S-shaped design helps ensure water is properly drained into your gutters, and not over the edge
  • Mesh covering protects your gutters from leaves and other debris
  • Lack of standing water protects your gutters from algae and pests
  • Durable design will help your gutter guard last for decades
  • Requires minimal maintenance or cleaning!


What Benefits Do Valor Gutter Guards Provide?

While gutter guards are important, quality matters and making sure you have good gutter guards installed is the best way you have to make sure that you’re saving yourself a chore, and not just creating more work if you go with low-quality gutter guards that become easily clogged.

Gutter Filters of Utah works solely with Valor Gutter Guards for three very specific reasons:


The Valor Gutter Guards are some of the highest quality gutter guards on the market. The patterned S-shaped curves ensure water tension is broken to more easily funnel even torrential downpours into your gutter instead of over its side, while the mesh covering makes sure only water enters the gutter!


The occasional clearing of the top of the gutter guard versus having to drag out a ladder and clear out your gutters by hand provides a large boost to your personal safety; Valor Gutter Guards need only occasional sweeping, which can be done from the ground without ever having to climb a ladder!

Durable Design

Valor Gutter Guards are made of high-quality materials that will last years if properly taken care of! The limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty adds even more value to your gutter guards!